A Complete Guide on Installation of Allen Bird Spikes

When you want to prevent the Allen birds from roosting on your roof and ledges, bird spikes will make it possible for you. You need to look for a product that provides ease and convenience in terms of installation. This will allow the average homeowners to complete the project smoothly.  The installation should not only be quick, but it should also be effective and durable. Usually, you will not be compelled to use specialized tools and complex measurements. Therefore, bird needles are often the preferred solution of the homeowners against bird infestation.

How to Install Bird Spikes

The first thing you need to do is to gain access to the area that you want to be protected from the Texas bird. You need to make sure that you can reach it safely and there is no possibility that you will harm others.  In case you do not have the confidence in doing this, you need to call the help of the professionals and allow them to complete the project.

Choosing the Allen Bird Spike

There are varieties of bird spikes available in your local hardware store. Some are designed for larger birds, there are also spikes that will not affect the aesthetic feature of your property. You should also consider the materials used in manufacturing the bird spikes. Bird spikes are not designed to harm the poor creature.  They are intended to prevent the birds from roosting on our roof and ledges. They have been approved by different animal humane societies all over the globe.

Clearing the Site

Before installing the Texas bird spikes, the area where you are planning to install the bird spike should be cleared first. Be extra careful in doing this. You should wear face mask and gloves since their droppings can carry fungal spores that will transmit deadly diseases. Use a cleaning solution that is powerful enough to disintegrate organic matters.  The droppings, feathers, and nesting materials should be placed inside the garbage bag. Seal this properly and avoid releasing the trapped air inside.

Installing the Bird Spikes

After cleaning the site, you are now ready to install the Texas bird spike. Apply the silicone-based glue that is provided along with the bird spike. Make sure to generously spread it on the place where you will introduce the bird needle. It should be at least as thick as your pinky finger. The bottom part of the bird spike should then be attached on the edge of the roof, ledge, or pipe.  Press the device firmly until the glue will gush out of the holes. Incases there is a considerable gap, consider attaching another set of bird spike on the ledge.

The Allen bird spikes would be effective in preventing the pigeons from landing on our ledges. However, if there is a considerable space at the back of the spikes, they will be very persistent in accessing that space. You should be committed in blocking all the possible access of the bird to their favorite roosting place.

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