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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Allen! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Allen, TX. Our family has been running this animal control company for several years, and our principle is that we would always treat you the way we wish to be treated by other companies. Our telephone agents are always polite and compassionate listening to your situation, and will take the time to understand your problem so they can give you some advice on what you can do, as well as being able to arrange for one of our specialists to visit. We work seven days a week because we know that wildlife doesn't take days off, and we can often get an animal removal specialist to you on the same day. We will thoroughly inspect your property when our specialist arrives, and will identify each of the points the animals are using to get into your home, along with where in the property they are active. We aren't an exterminator or pest control service, but rather we're a dedicated wildlife removal firm that deals with mammal and reptile problems. Along with removing these animals, we can also provide repairs to any damage that they have caused, and can also fully sanitize your home to prevent the risk of disease transmission. Call us now at 469-665-8325 for your Allen wildlife control needs.

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Same-day or next-day appointments.

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We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

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Fully Texas licensed and insured.

Allen rat control and rodent removal

Experts in Texas bat removal from buildings.

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Allen snake removal and prevention.

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Allen Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Treatment and Control of the Texas Bat Bugs - What Are They and What Can They Do?

The Allen bat bugs will appear like your ordinary type of bed bugs. They have brown and oval-shaped body and they can grow at around 3/8 inch in terms of length. Perhaps the noticeable difference between these two bugs would be the hair on the thorax region of the bat bugs. When feeding, the abdominal part of the bug will swell. They can go from being flat to a fat bug in just a couple of minutes.

How Bat Bugs Are Acquired?

Having Texas bat bugs simply means that there are bats inside your house. They are parasites that will not stick to the host unlike the ticks. Instead of doing that, they will remain in the roosting place of the bats where they will have a direct access to their meal which is blood. While they are different from the bed bugs, they will still have striking similarity. In fact, you will need a scope in order to determine them appropriately. In case the bats left the roosting place for too long, for instance during migration, they will look for a new host and you or your pets will be the likely victim.

Is this Serious?

Residents will normally think that they will have a bed bug infestation if they encounter an Allen bat bug. This will result to an ineffective bug control method. While the bites of the bat bugs will be irritating and itchy, it does not pose any threat to the homeowners.

How to Get Rid of Texas Bat Bugs

Hiring the service of the professionals will be an excellent choice in eliminating them. This parasite may not be as persistent as the bed bugs but with their infrequent feeding and their secretive behavior, it will be quite difficult to find them. You need to look for someone who is trained in managing and controlling the bat bugs. Since the structure of your home will be different from the others, you need a technician that will offer a personalized solution. Take note that eliminating bugs is a continuous process and should never be a short-term treatment.

Signs of Bat Bug Infestation

This type of Texas bug infestation will catch you unguarded. You will be alarmed once you see the bite marks in your skin. The blood stains in the garment, walls, or furniture can be the indication of their presence. This is because they are fragile, and it is too simple to crush them.

The bite of this Allen bug is painless. However, they will still leave an inflamed mark on your skin. Itchiness, redness, and swelling can occur once the bug bit you. Fortunately, it does not carry zoonotic disease. Most homeowners find their presence inside the house disturbing since they will usually be coupled with bat problem. Active bat infestation will lead to different problems such as the contamination of our house, transmission of diseases, and destruction of our property. Once you notice a bat bug in your house, it is time to look at the obscure areas of your house.