The Disadvantages of Using Poison Against a Texas Animal Infestation: More Harm Than Good?

A nuisance Allen animal in your property spells trouble. They might use the items in your cabinet as nesting materials and contaminate our kitchen utensils. They will destroy the construction materials and may weaken the foundation of our house. This is why we need to take care of them as soon as the first sign of their infestation manifest. Regardless of how severe the situation is, you should never resort in using poison to thwart the damages of the infestation.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Poison on Animal Infestation

Some Texas people think that using poison is the most convenient answer to their wild animal problems. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Using poison comes with different adverse effect that you should consider. The reasons that we will mention here should be enough to convince you that poison is not a desirable solution to your situation.

It Poses Threat to Children and Pets

In case you have kid and pets in your Allen home, then you can expose them to the dangers of the poisons. Poison granules and pellets have an interesting form and shape that can capture the interest of your kids. It also has a sweet scent that can be tempting for your pets. Remember that around 50% of the accidental poisoning that involves kids happens at their own home. In addition, these poisons release toxic fumes that may have an adverse effect on the respiratory tract of your kids. 

It is Not Always Effective

Using poison is not necessarily effective since there are times that they will fail. This is simply not like the typical Texas mouse trap that will be triggered once the animal interacted with the trigger plate. In case the poison is not effective, your problem will simply persist. Furthermore, experts do not treat poison as a solution since they do not actually resolve the infestation. The aim of using them is simply to target the symptoms. It will only take a couple of days before a new animal will replace your previous problem.

Cleaning Will Simply Be Tiresome

In case the animal live in your Texas attic, you will have to set the poison in your attic to increase the possibility that the pest will ingest them. After the animal died due to poison, you will have to clean the entire attic to ensure that the residue of the poison has been removed. Decontaminating your attic is not simple. You will have to clean all the items stored here to ensure the safety and the health of your family.

Finally, compared to a trap where you will see the evidence of the Allen animal, you will not know if the poison has taken its effect until you smell the decaying scent of the dead body. A mouse that ingested a poison can live for days and sometimes week. In addition, some animals will go through hibernation and they will not pay attention on your bait. Hunting for the dead body will put you in an extreme inconvenience.

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